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AIWA AF-5080 Music Center

Updated 12 April 2020


The AIWA AF-5080 was the top of the line all-in-one music center available from AIWA in 1976. This beautiful machine boasted an integrated stereo amplifier rated as a reasonably powerful 24 watt (@ 8Ω) per channel output. Typical of this era, the Music Center included a record turntable player, compact cassette deck with Dolby noise reduction, and stereo radio tuner.

AIWA AF-5080 Music Center

AIWA AF-5080 Stereo Music Center


High ease of use combined with superior, sophisticated quality. This device is characterized by a particularly practical feature, namely; start and stop when recording using a cassette device are synchronized with the tonearm attachment point, i.e. the tape only runs when the tape head scans the record groove.


Stereo Receiver  • AFC can be switched off  • Tuning Meter  • Power amplifier with 2x55 watts music power at 4Ω  • Loudness switch  • Pushbutton program selector switch

Cassette Deck with Dolby noise reduction system and triple band type selector switch LH, CrO2, FeCr

Turntable drive with rhyme drive and automatic tonearm switch Antiskating and magnetic pickup system


Music performance: 2x55W@4Ω; 2x30W@8Ω

Sinusoidal power (both channels controlled according to DIN45500 1kHz): 2x28W@4Ω; 2x24W@8Ω

Power range: at 0.3% distortion factor: 30Hz to 20kHz

THD: at nominal power: 0.1%


Semiconductors: 7 IC, 52 transistors, 22 diodes, 1 FET, 3 LED

Power supply: 180 Watt

Dimensions: 205(H) x 590(B) x 395(I)mm

Weight: 17.5kg

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AIWA AF-5080 Stereo Music Center

The AIWA AF-5080 stereo music center is a beautiful piece of 1970s audio electronics. While it is not quite as powerful as the standalone AX-7500 stereo amplifier, this unit still gives a powerful kick. The all in one nature of the unit allows for quality system integration features like automatic start and stop recording of records on the compact cassette. The cassette deck has a wide range of dynamic settings for recording onto cassette tapes of that era.

The turntable appears to be well made and compliments the rest of the system. I do wonder how well the turntable mechanism survives the three decades to now. I will need to be very careful in selecting any equipment that comes up for sale on the second-hand market. The turntable platter is recessed into the top faux-wood portion of the unit. The cassette storage area on the left side does look awkward and makes it feel like the cassette player is a clunky late addition to the AIWA AF-5080 configuration.

It is interesting that the marketing material shows a tabletop condenser microphone connected to the music center. I assume that the marketers intended the reader to think about using this system to record their own notes and Karaoke.

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