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AIWA AF-3060 Music Center

Updated 2 January 2022

The AIWA AF-3060 is the little brother to the full-sized 5080 at the time. This entry level music center boasted the same 24 watt (@8Ω) per channel integrated amplifier in a more compact unit. The profile of the AIWA AF-3060 unit makes it suitable for pairing with a set of quality bookshelf speakers into a built-in shelving system that was coming in the 1970s. This unit boasts an integrated compact cassette with Dolby noise reduction and a quality stereo radio tuner.

AIWA AF-3060 Music Center

AIWA AF-3060 Integrated Music Center

The AIW AF-3060 is a multi-band stereo cassette recorder. The AIWA AF-3060 marketing material is highlighted by the earthy colors typical of the 1970s. I think that this machine looks wonderful and will sit nicely in some Parker or Norman Cherner furniture.

This unit appears to have the same FET powered amplifier integrated within the unit that boasts 30 musical Watts of power output. The cassette recorder unit appears to be of a high quality and I can imagine that the soft eject system exudes quality. As is typical of the time, there is a useful microphone mixing function that can be used to record your singing sessions. Can you Karaoke on the Commodore C64 and record your session on the AIWA AF-3060?

The overall layout of the AIWA AF-3060 receiver is very modern. The left side on the unit has the integrated cassette player and six protruding plastic toggle buttons. This is fairly standard for a mechanical cassette operation. I would keep an eye out in the aftermarket for buttons that show signs of cracking as plastic can often become brittle over time. The tuner function is standard fair for the period as well. The exact bands and tuning frequencies will depend on the region the unit was intended for. There was a manufacturer's recommended modification to improve radio tuner performance in 1977.

The rest of the panel is glorious with plenty of lights, meters, knobs and switches to keep any child entertained for hours. This portion of the panel sets the standard for the next decade of integrated hifi equipment.


Tuner amplifier with integrated Dolby cassette deck. (Device can only be operated from the front.)


Stereo Receiver  • Power amplifier with 2x55 watts music power at 4Ω  • Loudness switch  • AFC can be switched off  • Frequency tuning display  • Pushbutton program selector switch

Cassette Deck with Dolby noise reduction system and triple band type selector switch LH, CrO2, FeCr  • auto-stop function • damped cassette ejection system  • counter mechanism  • repeat and forward search button  • pause button  • mixing options with microphone


Music performance: 2x55W@4Ω; 2x30W@8Ω

Sinusoidal power (both channels controlled according to DIN45500 1kHz): 2x28W@4Ω; 2x24W@8Ω

Power range: at 0.3% distortion factor: 30Hz to 20kHz

THD: at nominal power: 0.1%


Semiconductors: 7 IC, 50 transistors, 23 diodes, 1 FET, 2 LED

Power supply: 170 Watt

Dimensions: 147(H) x 480(B) x 321(I)mm

Weight: 10kg

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AIWA AF-3060 Service Manual

AIWA AF-3060 service manual cover

AIWA AF-3060
service manual
(external reader)

  • Service manual particulars
  • Adjustments - Tuner Section
  • AF-3060 Block Drawing
  • AF-3060 Schematic Diagram
  • Tuner circuit board
  • Main AMP/Power Circuit Board
  • Meter amplifier circuit board
  • AF-3060 Parts List

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