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AIWA AD-1600 Stereo Cassette Deck

Updated 7 August 2021

The AIWA AD-1600 is advertised as a sleek back quality cassette recorder, that ideal for the price conscious enthusiast who is looking for good sound. The AIWA AD-1600 accepts the three main cassette types and includes the Dolby Laboratories noise reduction system. The unit includes basic functions such as autostop and song search functionality. For the modern collector, this unit is still a good piece that will look good in any desktop situation.

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AIWA AD-1600 Description

The AIWA AD-1600 is a beautiful looking stereo cassette deck that sits about upper-tier in the 1976 AIWA hifi range. This is a quality deck and definitely something that is of interest to the vintage hifi collector. The AIWA-1600 is has full functionality for the period, including stereo playback, pause and recording capability.

I personally own an AIWA AD-1600 cassette deck. I picked up this cassette deck second-hand from an individual who was selling auction goods from his garage. The seller was a nice enough chap but was more interested in selling used business computers. The catalog photo of the AIWA AD-1600 is from 1976 catalog and is dark in colour. The catalog image shows a façade that black on the top panel and a black laminate exterior. The model that I own has a silver top and 1970s brown laminate covering.

The acrylic cover is a smoked tan colour with two metal hinges on the back. You can lift the acrylic cover up to access the cassette deck, mechanical operator buttons and the control knobs. The power switch is also located on this panel as well. At the center of the acrylic cover on the top is a silver badge that says, AIWA Creator Series. I know that this is a bit of marketing flash but it makes me smile to think that people were creating podcasts on these cassette decks back in the day. The adage of what's old is now new again continues to resonate in the hifi community.

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