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AIWA AD-1300 Cassette Deck

Updated 15 August 2021

The AIWA AD-1300 cassette deck is the entry-level cassette deck for the recording enthusiast. This cassette deck includes basic control functions for the time but is the cheapest AIWA deck to include the Dolby Noise reduction system. This unit includes features for recording voice using the microphone input. A stereo headphone socket is included for personal playback.

AIWA AD-1300

AIWA AD-1300 Cassette Deck catalog photo


AIWA AD-1300 Review

The AIWA AD-1300 is a desktop cassette deck on sale in 1976. This model does not appear to be as popular as its bigger brothers, the AD-1600 and AD-1800. My website registers few searches for the AD-1300 when compared to the popular AD-1800. I can understand the reasoning for this. The big brother sports all the features and quality finishes.

The AIWA AD-1300 is a competent model in its own right. The desktop cassette deck is a product of its time. This compact cassette player can sit on your table in the bedroom or a side table. This cassette player can operating in a standalone configuration using headphones. The cassette player can also connect to a midi or full sized retro audio system as well.

I am on the look out to buy an AIWA AD-1300 on the used market. I plan to connect this system to my audio gear, such as the Yamaha PSR-530 and record my sequencer songs. The recording function of this deck will give my 80's synth tracks an authentic sound.

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