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Updated 17 August 2019


The AWIA AD-6500 is a beautifully finished and feature packed front-loading cassette player from AIWA. The front loading mechanism was popular at the time and wonderfully displays quality TDK SA-90 cassettes when they are played. The front lit VU meters add an ornamental touch that balances against the stainless-steel face. The VU meter was later replaced with a LED display. It can be challenging to find these in full working order any more, especially as the VU meter lighting fails after all these years.

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AIWA AD-6500 Cassette Deck

AIWA AD-6500 Dolby Cassette Deck

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AIWA AD-6500 Description

This top of the range dolby cassette deck is designed for stacking or placement on a wall unit. All of the operations and controls are accessible from the front. The facade is finished in a very stylish and modern polished aluminium.

Unrivaled is the unique automatic loading mechanism. By simply inserting the cassette, the automatic loading mechanism is triggered and automatically puts the cassette into play or recording standby mode. The loader mechanism developed and patented by AIWA and is characterized by its robust construction. Automatic side changing is performed by a small auxillary motor. As a result, the tape drive mechanism does not move at all.

Modern functions include repeater and forward search buttons, a memory counter, auto-stop, 3-bias tape selector (including CrO2) clear control instruments, and dual signal peak VU indicators with LED lighting. DIN and RCA connectors prove the ease of use of this exceptional AIWA device.

Together with the AIWA receiver AX-7550 EE, this results in an ideal and beautiful combination for your hi-fi system

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