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Star-crossed lovers with chemistry like binary stars—explosive and bright.
A galactic gem in a sea of space junk. Shine on!


Angry Alien™ is a self-proclaimed extraterrestrial critic who claims to have witnessed the rise and fall of empires across the galaxy. With centuries of cosmic travel under its belt, Angry Alien has seen the birth of stars and the stories they inspire among the countless civilizations. Its unique perspective brings a blend of sharp wit and interstellar insight to the often all-too-human-centric genre of science fiction. And yes, Angry Alien is an it, as nobody knows what gender means in a galaxy as big as ours.

Passion for Science Fiction

Angry Alien reviews science fiction with a cosmic fervor that could only be mustered by an entity with interstellar experience. This passion is fueled by the belief that science fiction is where the grand tapestry of possible realities is unveiled, where imagination reigns supreme as the currency of creation.

The breadth of Angry Alien's passion for reviewing the genre is as vast as the Oort Cloud itself. Having traversed the cosmos, from the edge of the solar system to the dense heart of the galaxy, Angry Alien has witnessed the rise and fall of countless civilizations. Each star that has been visited whispers its own story; every planet harbors its own secret. Science fiction encapsulates these narratives and cosmic dreams, with a boldness unmatched by any other literary genre.

Angry Alien reviews because in the vast expanse of the universe, it's all too easy for a reader to drift aimlessly. Angry Alien acts as a navigational aid, guiding readers through the stellar nebula of narratives to the stars that truly shine. Having lived the very foundations of these fictional realities, Angry Alien adeptly separates the scientifically plausible from the absurdly impossible.

There's an allure to how science fiction reflects our society, projecting our deepest hopes and fears through the lens of time and space. It isn't merely about escapism; it's a simulation of the potential heights humanity might reach—or, as a cautionary tale, what depths it might sink to.

Angry Alien critiques out of a deep-seated care for the genre, with a mission to ensure that the stories set amongst the stars are worthy of the boundless canvas upon which they're drawn. The goal is to push the genre to its heights, ensuring that the tales of tomorrow entertain, enlighten, challenge, and inspire. After all, these stories are the legacy humanity will leave in the cosmic dust, long after our own star has dimmed.

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