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Little Golden Book - I am Captain Kirk

Published 12 October 2019


The Little Golden Book series has cast its story telling magic over the Star Trek universe. Improve your reading skills and share the magic of science fiction with the younger generation. I am Captian Kirk is now on Little Golden Books. We take a look at this book to determine if this release is worthy to receive an Angry Aliens™.

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I am Captain Kirk book cover

Why are we reading I am Captain Kirk?

It is no secret that we like the Star Trek franchise. In fact, our highest rating Angry Alien™ award currently goes to ST:TNG Dyson Sphere. We were recently introducted to the Star Trek universe in our review of Little Golden Book I am Mr Spock. And where Mr Spock goes, I am Captian Kirk is sure to follow.

I am Captain Kirk book review

Little Golden Books are a collection of books described by Random House as a book suitable for children, ages 2 to 5. Introduce the youth at heart to Capatin James T. Kirk. The reviewer doesn't think they are within that age group but still found this fiction crossover interesting.

find out what makes
Captain James T. Kirk
the most famous starship captain ever

In general, we find Star Trek stories to be enjoyable and great at using space operas the medium to tell a great yarn. An classic example is discussed in our review of ST:TNG Dyson Sphere. However, this Little Golden Book, I am Mr Spock, is not about telling a story. I am Mr Spock introduces the reader to Mr Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series.

For fans looking for a Star Trek story to read to their kids our message is that there really isn't a story here. This book introduces the characters of the Star Trek universe in a fun and simple way. Reading this book to our target audience in the 2-5 year age range was a pleasurable experience. We pointed to the characters. We pointed to the space ship. And the shortness of the story meant that our young audience wanted to hear the next Star Trek story.

I am Mr Spock review Angry Alien™ rating

I am Captain Kirk is a beautifully illustrated book to read to young audiences. There isn't much difference between this Little Golden Book and the I am Mr Spock book in terms of story and character development. If you had to pick only one book then pick this one, because well, it is about Captain James T. Kirk. The Little Golden Book I am Captain Kirk will look good in many Star Trek collections.

Overall, we give I am Captain Kirk two Angry Aliens™

Angry Alien Angry Alien

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