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UniQlo Dusen Dusen T-Shirt review

Published 4 August 2019


UniQlo is a global fast fashion brand with a long running line of designer and pop culture t-shirts. We are particularly drawn to the retro-styled t-shirts that get regularly released. In this case, we are giving our review opinion of a Dusen Dusen t-shirt design. To our eyes, this design has a retro flare that could have been readily released in the pastel era of the 1980s.

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Dusen Dusen T-Shirt Details

Model: Super Geometric Dusen Dusen UT
Company: UniQlo
Description: retro inspired geometric patterns
Origin: China
Material 100% Cotton
Size: XL
Purchased: 2019

Gallery of the Dual Fighter T-Shirt from UniQlo

UniQlo Super Geometric Dusen Dusen designer t-shirt
Super Geometric Dusen Dusen t-shirt review
UniQlo Super Geometric Dusen Dusen t-shirt design detail
geomtric design detail review
UniQlo Super Geometric Dusen Dusen t-shirt collar inset
UniQlo collar inset review

Review of the UniQlo Super Geometric T-Shirt

Although there is very little in the way of retro branding or pop culture references, we see this t-shirt being a subtle nod to living the retro inspired lifestyle. UniQlo has done a good job in delivering a quality t-shirt to the mass market. And the colors and super-geometric pattern ooze style. We think that this t-shirt the perfect selection for playing a retro-game such as Vortex Crystals, or indeed starring in your own Commodore C64 advertisement.

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