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Feelin Good Tees "Never Forget" T-Shirt review

Published 1 August 2019


We review the popular Never Forget retro retro t-shirt by Feelin Good Tees that is regularly advertised on the net. It is the retro t-shirt that appeals to the 50-somethings that used to use tapes back in the day.

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Never Forget retro T-shirt review

Never Forget T-Shirt Details

Model: Feelin Good Tees™ Never Forget
Company: RK T-Shirts
Description: Never Forget retro t-shirt
Country of Origin:  USA
Material 100% Cotton
Size: XL
Purchased: 2018

Gallery of the Never Forget T-Shirt from Feelin Good Tees

Never Forget T-shirt full front image
Never Forget T-shirt
Never Forget thermal print close up
thermal print close up
Never Forget Feeling Good Tees close up
Feeling Good Tees close up

Review of the Never Forget T-Shirt

Overall, we give this t-shirt one Angry Alien™.

Angry Alien(TM) approves

Article tags: vintage hi-fi retro-fashion

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