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Cruiser-X 79 playable demo Commodore C64 review

Published 29 June 2019


The New Dimension have mastered the platform game, side scrollers and are now setting their sights on the vertical shooter, code named Cruiser-X 79. We check it out and cast our opinion.

Cruiser-X 79 playable game title

Why are we playing Cruiser-X 79?

We love playing shooter games on the Commodore C64 and we are always looking for new baddies to eliminate. And the news that The New Dimension have released a new shooter has us reaching for our favorite joystick. The game is Cruiser-X 79 and it is a single level playable demo that has you flying through space, attacking alien bases and waves of attacking fighters. The full game may be released in the future.

Cruiser-X 79 gameplay

The game graphics are good for the Commodore C64 but lack the color and excitement of more modern releases. The music is satisfactory for its purpose and demonstrates the Commodore C64's synthesiser capabilities. But the most important detail is the gameplay. The gameplay can be summarized into one word, brutal.

Fly through space, and attack alien bases, but watch out for the aliens. They don't half fight back.

As this is a playable demo of a game that is yet to finish, it is understandable that some elements lack a bit of polish. For example, the fighters for the most part look battle worthy and then along the way huggable teddy bears attack you. Well, they look like teddy bears to us. And the ways of aliens can seem like they are just just out to crash into you. But there are also some good elements as well. There are shields and power-up blocks to collect. The game can feel a unfair but real interest develops when you realise that the background can be shot at and also shield your lasers from the onslaught of enemies.

Is Cruiser-X 79 worth playing?

The New Dimension have been generous enough to provide a single-level playable demo of Cruiser-X 79 for the Commodore C64. For this review, we chose to play the demo using an emulated Commodore C64 using the Amiga Forever platform.

This playable demo is interesting but ultimately frustrating. The waves of aliens can feel arbitary and lack a sense of self-preservation. We think that there are definitely elements that can make the full version stand out. However, as a playable demo, this is the ultimate game on a magazine cover release. We look forward to the full version coming out.


Title screen
TND crack screen
Angry teddy bears attack
Shielded missiles
Star ship platform
Game Over screen


If this playable demo was on a magazine coverdisk then we would be mailing it to all of our friends.


download here
download here

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