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Lolita and Other Film Hits

Published 29 June 2019


Description from the vinyl cover; the best film themes of the year (12 to be exact—no more), assign them to the world's most exciting dance orchestra - Orchestra Del Oro; have scores arranged by the leading pop orchestra in the world - Don Costa. Mix all with magnificent sound dimension of 35-millimetre tape and, voila, one of the best albums of the year. Apparently.

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WG-BS-1470 (stereophonic) & WG-B-1470 (monaural)

1962 Lolita and other Film Hits vinyl record cover
1962 Lolita and other Film Hits vinyl record flip side

Lolita Track Listing

Side A

Side B

Vinyl Credits

Trans-35 Mastering Process

The Trans-35 stereo recording technique was claimed to be the most advanced process in the recording arts; circa 1962. The original studio performances were recorded on 35-millimetre tape with all equalization and level corrections made at the recording session. From the original track 35-millimetre tape, a direct feed composite is mixed and fed direct to the mastering lathe. Hence the Trans-35 title. It was claimed that this single transfer minimizes the distortion and tape noise factor normally inherent in other methods of that period of transfer from the original tape to the lacquer master.

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