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UNIQLO Dual Fighter UT T-Shirt review

Published 1 March 2019


UniQlo is one of the biggest retailers of fast fashion in the world. One of their more interesting ranges is the UT T-Shirt selections that focus on designers and themes for their T-Shirt designs. In this article we review the Dual Fighter T-Shirt design that was available in 2018.

Namco Galaga Dual Fighter Review

We are review this t-shirt because it aligns with our miscellaneum approach to retro-computing. There is no secret that retro-computing is big and many people are looking at the arcade classics for inspiration. The Namco Galaga arcade game is one of those classics that transports us back to the golden age of arcade games.

Obviously, the design looks back at the the Galaga arcade game series. But look at it a little closer and ask if there is a Commodore C64 connection here. This T-Shirt could, with a stretch of the imagination, be describing the 2018 C64 smash hit, Galencia. Take a look at our Galencia discussion page if you want to know what we are talking about. Of course, we are not claiming that any intellectual property has been borrowed or used. We are just looking at two corners of the Internet and seeing what comes up for us.

The Namco Museum brand is an interesting development for the UniQlo UT clothing line. Most of us know the Namco Museum label as an early digital purchase on the Nintendo Switch (wayback), which included the Galaga arcade game port. Wikipedia tells us that the Namco Museum title (wayback), was originally a retail concept used in the 1980s for selling Namco branded merchandise. Retro goes full circle.

Dual Fighter T-Shirt Details

Model: UniQlo™ Cotton T-Shirt UT Series
UT Collection: Namco Museum™
Description: (Galaga) Dual Fighter
Country of Origin:  Vietnam
Material 100% Cotton
Size: XL
Purchased: 2018

Gallery of the Dual Fighter T-Shirt from UniQlo

UniQlo Dual Fighter T-Shirt featuring the Galaga fighter
UniQlo Dual Fighter T-shirt
Dual fighter feature print on T-Shirt
Dual Fighter feature image showing shields
Dual Fighter image in retro-gaming low resolution image
Low resolution graphics showing Galga dual fighter
UniQlo T-Shirt imprint showing Namco Museum
UniQlo T-Shirt imprint showing Namco Museum

Soft cotton t-shirt that is perfect for showing off your retro-gaming touch at home or in the street

Review of the Dual Fighter T-Shirt

This is a good quality t-shirt that delivers on 8-bit gaming nostalgia. The main element of the graphic print is the dual fighter concept that forms during the Galaga gameplay. Wikipedia discusses the Galaga game that was published by Namco in Japan and Midway in North America. It is an inspiring choice to bring the Galaga franchise to street fashion.

Overall, we give this t-shirt two Angry Aliens™.

Angry Alien(TM) approves Angry Alien(TM) approves

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