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Natural Life Essence - Imaginary Motion

Published 16 February 2019


There is a world beyond music and discovery in the transformative world of soundscapes. Discover imaginary motion. Through this soundscape you will experience genuine moods and atmospheres that build acoustic pictures in your mind. This release is about travelling and visiting new cities in an imaginary world.


Nature Life Essence is a music group that focuses on creating soundscapes. Driven by the creative genius of Argentinean producer, Juan Pablo, this release builds on inspiration from nature's trees and plants. In their own words, Nature Life Essence invites you to follow this musical path deep into the sonic jungle.

Expect acoustic pictures of natural elements surrounded by genuine moods and atmospheres

  Imaginary Motion Album

Natural Life Essence Imaginary Motion album cover


download here
download here
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Rights and Usage Statement:   This music is attributed to Natural Life Essence. The rights to distribute the music is given by Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0. No changes were made to this release. This music is not used for commercial purposes.

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