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880 Gamer Magazine Issue 8

Updated July 2019


Issue 8 of 880 Gamer squeezes in before the end of 2015. Forty pages of commentary on the past and present with excellent reviews and a cover disk to boot. This issues demo disk is all about speed, with the third title from the famous Lotus trilogy teaming up with the even faster Tearaway Thomas! So suit up, strap in, and don't forget to bring your doggie poop bag for two of the fastest games to ever grace the Amiga!

Magazine Edition 8 - December 2015

880 Gamer Commodore Amiga Magazine Issue 8 December 2015



  1. 880 cover disk - Lotus III, Tearaway Thomas
  2. 880 pause screen - Shadow of the Beast
  3. Commodore Amiga 500 Cartoon Classics

Game Reviews

  1. Lemmings game review
  2. The Simpsons game review
  3. Captain Planet game review
  4. Deluxe Paint III software review
  5. Tearaway Thomas (1992) game review
  6. Belial (1989) game review
  7. Fears (1995) game review
  8. Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (1990) game review
  9. Star Wars (1998) game review

Demo Reviews

  1. Impassioned (2015)
  2. Iraq-Demo (1990)
  3. Vertigo (2014)

880 Gamer issue 8 Commodore Amiga magazine

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Editorial Review

This is a great magazine and it is shame that this mast has gone into hybernation. The full range of 880 Gamer magazines can be downloaded from the ~stanners website.

Star Wars Commodore Amiga port

The Commodore Amiga port of the smash hit Atari coin op game, Star Wars, was published in 1998 but Doomark. This game was released 5 years after the coin-op release. Obviously the wireframe graphics were ancient by Commodore Amiga standards, consider the bouncing ball demo. This port does give some improvements in sound with clearer sampled speech direct from the movie. Take a look at our article on the the audio capability of the Star Wars Coin-op game.

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