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Dyson Sphere Alien Log

Published 8 September 2018


We love the scientific concept of a Dyson Sphere that exists in theory but could possibly exist. Our AlienLog™ looks at references to Dyson Spheres in scifi literature and hopefully inspire others to build on Dyson Sphere lore. We also wonder what would happen if an invading Dyson Sphere can to our Solar System.

Dyson Sphere Articles

ST:TNG Dyson Sphere

ST:TNG Dyson Sphere
book review

How to attack an
invading Dyson Sphere

Amazing Kickstarter project fully funded

Published 7 Sep 2016

News flash: An amazing new Kickstarter project has been launched to investigate a potential Dyson Sphere find. Check out the video. Kickstarter reports that over $100,000 has been pledged to bring this project to life.

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