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Bally Astrocade Muncher

Published 22 July 2018


Ever since the first release of Pac-Man by Nintendo in 1980, there has been a plethora of licensed and unoffical clones of the game. Even the Bally Astrocade has got in on the act by releasing their interpretation called Muncher. We look into this particular version.


The original Pacman arcade game was released in the United States in 1980 by Midway games, and went on to be a social phenomenon. No home arcade machine in the 1980s was comlete without a Pacman clone in their collection, from the Atari 2600, Commodore C64 to the IBM PC. There is a C|Net article published in 1998 that blissfully describes the various Pac-Man styles available.

There are claims posted on that Munchie was released under various names such as Pacmen and No-Die. This was attributed to litigation actions at that time. Needless to say, hardcore Astrocade collectors look to assemble all variations of this game to complete their round out their inventory.

Astrocade Muncher Gameplay

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Muncher Magazine Advertisment

We were lucky enough to find a partial advertisement that is claimed to be a magazine advertisment for Astrocade Munch. Our problem is that this image looks too good, even arcade quality. The Astrocade Muncher version looks good but the machine lacks the resolution required to drawer the little munchers. As the source of the advertisment is not known, we can not verify if this an advertisment for Muncher or some other Pac-Man edition.

Bally Astrocade Mucher Advertisment

Acknowledgement: Source unknown. This image is a reproduction of a vintage advertisement. The brand(s) and advertisement is not specifically endorsed on webpage by their respective owner(s). This reproduction is shown for historical preservation purposes. All brands and trademarks are owned by their respctive owner(s).

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