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Published 7 July 2018


Electronics Worldwas an American electronics magazine published in 1970 that covers both electronics and high fidelity audio reproduction. It was the 1970s that saw the amazing growth of the Audiophile era. The lead story is asks the age old Hi-Fi question; Can we measure what we hear? There is plenty to read for the vintage audio enthusiast.

Magazine Edition - March 1970

Electronics World magazine cover, March 1970


Product Reviews

  1. Kenwood KA-6000 Stereo Amplifier tested
  2. Ampex AG-600-2 Tape Deck tested


  1. Loudspeakers, Can we measure what we hear?, by Victor Brociner
  2. Stop-Action Photos, by A. J. Lowe
  3. News - 1000 holograms in One Crystal
  4. News - Laser Color-TV projector
  5. News - computer modelled ramp-jump
  6. News - Electronic-Hydraulic artificial arm
  7. Strain gages come of ages, by Joseph Tusinski
  8. Low noise receiver performance measurements, by Lee R. Bishop
  9. 50Mhz Digital Counter, by Frank E. Cody
  10. Thermoluminescence Theory & Applications, by Donal E. Lancaster


  1. Series-Pass Regulators, by G. V. Fay
  2. Bandwidth Compression for efficient digital communications, by John W. Stumpe
  3. Low cost precision scope, by Gary H. Lehmann
  4. Metal boxes built to size, by Robert E. Brook

Internet Archive

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Editorial Review

The cover of this magazine should be pleasing to both the audio historian and the DIY crowd. The 1970s saw the boom in Hi-Fi equipment and interest in all things Audiophile. Although, not so common now, the cover highlights 2 well made Scott loudspeakers, the Scott S-12 and Scott S-15. The test equipment shown in the background is a General Radio 1350-A assembly. The various other woofers are also Scott manufactured drivers.

The audio market was starting to transition from mono reel-to-reel players to the stereo tape players. To compensate for these issues, leading vendors were producing narrow-gap heads that are claimed to extend frequency response beyond 12kHz.

We are searching for vintage equipment

We are always on the lookout for vintage Hi-Fi equipment and related items. These items (in alphabeltical order) are that are listed in the magazine are of particular interest to us.

  1. Ampex 755 Stereo reel-to-reel tape deck
  2. Ampex 761 Portable stereo reel-to-reel tape system
  3. Ampex 1455 Automatic revers stereo reel-to-reel tape deck
  4. Ampex 2161 Ultra-portable stereo reel-top-reel tape system
  5. "Enjoy Music More" Course, by H. H. Scott and published by Project Publications, Inc., New York, N.Y.
  6. Scott S-12 Loudspeaker
  7. Scott S-15 Loudspeaker
  8. Stereo Review’s "Stereo Test Record"

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