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Published 7 July 2018


Electronics Worldwas an American electronics magazine published in 1970 that covers both electronics and high fidelity audio reproduction. Of particular note in this issue is the quality article on 4-channel surround sound written by Acoustic Research (AR). There are also two detailed product reviews of vintage Hi-Fi equipment manufactured by Marantz and Dual. These articles are of interest to the technical historian.

Magazine Edition - February 1970

Electronics World magazine cover, February 1970


Product Reviews

  1. Marantz Model 16 Power Amplifier tested
  2. Dual 1219 Turntable tested
  3. Eico Model 443 Semiconductor Curve Tracer
  4. Honeywell Digitest 500 digital voltmeter


  1. News - nuclear power on the moon
  2. News - Television in the classroom
  3. 4-Channel Stereo, Acoustic Research Inc.
  4. Electronics and the heart, Fred W. Holder
  5. Design of regulated power supplies, Richard H. Dutton
  6. Air traffic control Transponder, D.J. Holford
  7. Hyrbid Technology regains IC Spotlight, Lothar Stern
  8. Forroresonant Transformer Improves Colour TV


  1. Electronic dice
  2. Portable Dual-Range IC frequency standard

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