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Astounding Science Fiction

Published 27 April 2018


Street & Smith was the original publisher for this wonderful pulp fiction magazine, Astounding Science Fiction. With it's headquarters in New York, this publisher used to pump out these monthly magazines until an early demise brought on by the increasing popularity of television. The amazing thing about this edition is the quality of the writers. You may not know the pseudonyms that have been written up as the authors, but you may recognise their real names. Have you ever heard of Ron Hubbard? Well the other writers have led just as interesting lives. This is speculative science written by the top scientists of the day.

Magazine Edition - November 1947

Astounding Science Fiction November 1947 magazine cover


  1. Editorial - Atomic energy for peace
  2. Children of the Lens, E. E. Smith
  3. The Expensive Slaves, René Lafayette
  4. Thunder and Roses, Theodore Sturgeon
  5. Stuck in the Mud, J. J. Coupling
  6. Boomerang, Eric Tinde
  7. Margin for Error, Lewis Padgett
  8. Letters, Brass Tacks

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