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Amiga Unix Implementation

Published 30 March 2018


Amiga Unix, also known as Amix, was the official Commodore port of Unix to the Commodore Amiga. Amix only ever achieved a minor share of the market and lacked a cost advantage or killer app to see it to success. Our page is dedicated to the information that comes to light over time of this Unix workstation.

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Commodore Amiga Unix Installation Tape
Source: Wikimedia


The Commodore Amiga was a system that utilized the Motorola 68000 series microprocessor with a customer chipset. Given the strength of the 68000 for multi-tasking, it seems only natural that a Unix flavour should be ported to the Amiga, lovingly referred to as Amix. Original installation disks for Amix are extremely rare and it is unusual to see these come up for sale.

Amiga Unix - informally known as AMIX, this Amiga Unix port was one of the first M68k ports of SVR4. A really interesting competitor to the Atari TT030. Take a look at the Commodore Amiga A3000UX review in UnixWorld (1991). There are also manuals written by Commodore on Learning Amiga Unix.

There are also reports of enthusiasts porting Linux to high-end A1200/A3000 architectures.


The market for the Unix operating system was fierce at the time of Commodore's introduction of Amix. We mention a few Unix flavours that may appeal to the retro fan base.

Workstation Usage

There are no verifyable reports of real-life users of the Amix system. We do however have an idea on how to use this wonderful system. We would use an Amix Workstation to control one of the last remaining Pixar Image Computer graphics workstations. No we wouldn't recreate some random animation movie. We'd fire up all of those transistors to go retro-mining Bitcoins.

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