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Published 24 March 2018


Galaxy Magazine is considered on of the core science fiction magazines from the mid-twentieth centrury that blends science and potential-science into a magazine full of tall stories and adventure. This edition is focused on the moon and man's desire to overcome nature's hostile environment. There is also a deep dive into the science of the moon and what potential discoveries can be harvested to help mankind.

Magazine Edition - February 1956

Galaxy Science Fiction Febuary 1956 magazine cover


  1. Editorial
  2. Man in a Sewing Machine, L.J. Stecher, Jr.
  3. Dead-End Doctor, Robert Bloch
  4. The Other Side of the Moon, Willy Ley
  5. The Category Inventors, Arthur Sellings
  6. Trap, Finn O'Donnevan
  7. Bodyguard, Christopher Grimm

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download here

Science Review - The Other Side of the moon

Before spacecrafts left orbit and swung around the moon, nobody knew lay on the other side. For it is a peculiar fact that Earth-bound men can only see the one side of the moon. This article dives deeps into man's knowledge of the moon and how we can harvest space exploration for our benefit.

In recent year's, it has been Western science that has leD the way. Keplar's Second Law defines the methematical area swept over the radius vector. It was also Hansen's theory that describes the shape of the moon. This innovative thinking proposed the possibility that an atmosphere and maybe even life could exist on the far side of the moon.

Book Reviews

Time travel is now taken for granted as the way of the future. But it was the science fiction writers of the past that brought into existence this possibility into people's minds. The following books were reviewed in this magazine;

  1. The End of Eternity, Isaac Asimov
  2. Reprive from Paradise, H. Chandler Elliot
  3. Time Bomb, Wilson Tucker
  4. Sargasson of Space, Andrew North
  5. Spaceflight Venus, Philip Wilding
  6. The Green Man from Space, Lewis Zarem

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