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GENIAC Analog Computer Kit

Published 27 April 2018


The tag line asks if you can think faster than this machine? The advertiser billed this kit as the first electrical brain construction kit. We prefer to call it an analog kit computer. The advertisement describes how it is the ideal educational device for learning logic programing. The kit claims to consust of have over 400 to combine into an analog programming machine.

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The adverisement claims to be a wonderful experience in building and learning. Wikipedia has a basic write-up on the Geniac kit analogue comuter. It is the catchy tag line that will catch potential consumers looking to get their first foot through the door in computing, Can you think faster than a computer? Advertisements similar to this can be found in my science-fiction and consumer-orientated science journals. We found this adverisement in a 1956 edition of Galaxy magazine.

Is this really a computer?

Yes, well sort of. In the age of digital computing, it is best to describe this machine as a simple analogue computer. Much like the Hitatchi 505 analogue computer. Instead of using microchips and 1/0 memory circuits, the system uses voltage and current signals to simulate mathematical non-linear equations. This sounds rather boring but you may be suprised to find out how useful these are.

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