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Amiga Format Magazine - January 1991

Published 10 February 2018 2018


Review of the Future Publishing Amiga Format Magazine no 18, dated January 1991. We deep dive into the coverdisks and see what is of interest to the retro gamer. This is the halceon days of Commodore Amiga and this issue is absulutely massive, coming in at an advertised 300 pages. More interestly for us, the magazine comes with not one but two coverdisks to peruse. This is classic Commodore Amiga retrocomputing at its best in 1991.

Amiga Format February 1991 Header

Coverdisk Contents

Disk 1

  • Total Recall - game demo
  • Lemmings - game demo
  • Eliza - Artificial intelligence demo
  • Niall - Non-Intelligent AMOS language learner

Disk 2

  • Interphase - complete game
  • Bip - 2 player flying game
  • Picture of the month
  • Ilinios - Label printing application
  • MidiEqualise - music application
  • Cycledelic - Lightshow application

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