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Published 9 February 2018


Computer role playing games, often called RPGs, are the backbone of any committed game player's arsenal. The CRPG Book Project has finally released the first version of its long awaited complete history of Role Playing Games. Our favourite systems are adequately covered, such as the Commodore C64 and of course the totally amazing Commodore Amiga. The book is truly an unbelievable effort. And best of all, it has been released under a Creative Commons licence.


The CRPG Book Project is a collaborative, non-profit project created to compile the history of Computer Role-Playing Games into an accessible and authoritative volume. The book was written in collaboration with 112 volunteers from around the globe and have generously made this book available under a Creative Commons License. The complete rundown of this project can be found at The CRPG Book Project.

Sample page from book sample page showing various screens from Defender of the Crown
image: Sample pages from the book


This book is an amazing read and is best placed to sit on your virtual coffee table. It is easy to read and with a clear structure that lets you open any page and learn something new. We give this book 4 angry aliens.



download here
download here

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