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New Dimensions Vortex Crystals Game Review

Published 26 January 2018


We love platform games and Vortex Crystals is no exception. The New Dimension released the full version for download in 2017 and we haven't looked back. Set in the future, scientists have discovered a new form of energy crystals on the planet Vektor. Earth scientists have stolen these energy crystals and taken them back to Earth and stored in a 165-storey warehouse. Unfortunately, the warehouse has become infested with aliens. It is your job to collect the crystals and return them to safety. Trigger happy, you are happy for action and have an appetite of destruction at last!

The aliens have come to Earth to get what was taken from them...

Vortex Crystals Platform Game Title

Is this game worth playing?

The New Dimension is a prolific publisher of games and demos for the Commodore C64. By some counts, The New Dimension has produced over 300 releases since its formation in the year 2000. Vortex Crystals was originally released as a partially complete game earlier on in the year, as a teaser. The full game was being produced as a cartridge version for use on classic Commodore C64s. Luckily for the rest of us, the full-version was released in September 2017. The teaser reviews showed this to be a very approachable and playable platform game.

How is the gameplay

The game opens as in a room with roaming robots and hoverbots sweeping the room for intruders. Using your skill to shoot, jump and evade, your mission is to collect the energy crystals and escape to the next level. There are 16 levels to work through in order to save our beloved planet Earth from the aliens. The main game input is a standard joystick. If you are using a Commodore C64 emulator, then it is easy enough to use your keyboard in place of a joystick. The pace of the game is good, and the initial levels are not too difficult a challenge to work through. A seasoned gamer would not find this game too much of a challenge to complete.


Title screen
Level 2 Platform
High Score Table


We give this great Commodore C64 platform game 2 angry aliens.



download here
download here

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