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Kilobyte Magazine 2017 Number 3

Published 1 January 2018


A relaxed look at the final Kilogyte magazine for 2017. This magazine looks at state of affairs in the 8-bit microcomputer world, including the Commodore C64, Atari 2600 and the very rare Interton VC4000. The two stand out articles is the pictorial on the floppy disk sleeves and developing virtual reality on the Commodore C64.

Kilobyte Magazine 2017 Number 3 Cover

Key Contents

Reading Notes

This is a well written magazine with that is regularly funded through the Patreon artists platform. The magazine only comes in at 30 pages for the PDF version so you can read the articles from cover to cover in one sitting. The two articles that you should not miss are is the write up on developing VR for the Commodore C64 and making scrossing games on the very rare Interton VC4000. None of us in the office have seen an Interton VC4000 is real life so it is good to see the retro-microcomputing universe continuing to expand.

download here
download here

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