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The End  Jason Scott at Fronteers 10 Conference

Published 1 January 2018


Jason Scott wraps up the two day Fronteers 2017 conference with a story about his near-death experience and how digital knowledge, specifically Climate Change data released by the United States on their various websites. The speech was given on 6 October 2017 and released on Vimeo.

Jason Scott: "THE END" at Fronteers Conference 2017 from Fronteers on Vimeo.



Jason Scott walks through what he does for a living, working at the Internet Archive, and how he almost died from a heart attack. "I might die, but I might know it." That is what survivability means.

"They used to make manuals, right! They used to make the manual the same way they used to make the equipment that manual was of." There is something lost between the electronic forma and the original hardcopy. Originals come in different shapes and sizes, the paper and covers come in various stock and textures.

At the time of the speech, Jason claims that the Internet Archive as around 35 Petabytes of unique data. Basically, Jason says that the Internet Archive was created because the web eats itself. There is the story of Geocities going dark and the archive team going and downloading everything they could.

There is something that Jason calls the three virtues of the Activist Archivist; (1) rage, (2) paranoia, and (3) kleptomania.

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