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Honeywell 200 Public Utility Customer Accounting Summary

Published 26 November 2016


This brochure for the Honeywell 200 describes how Public Utilities such as electricity suppliers and the water board could manage their customer accounting activities. We like this brochure because it balances the practical application of computers with accounting practices in an easy to understand format. When I was reading the brochure we have visions of a Los Angeles municipal county loading a wad of punch cards through the machine to updates customer balances.

Honeywell 200 Public Utility Customer Accounting - Application Summary




THE APPLICATION      This example illustrates a public utility with approximately 150,000 customers. The procedures involve the preparation of bi-monthly customer billing notices, processing of remitted billing notices, controlling credit and collection activities, handling customer inquiries, and providing statistical analyses of revenue and bill frequency for management review.

The daily transactions average 3750 cash remittances, 4000 meter readings and 1000 customer record changes.

THE COMPUTER      A Honeywell 200 including five magnetic tape units, a high-speed printer, a card reader-punch and associated units.

Memory: 24 Kilobytes
Execution Rate: 25,000 instructions per second
Simultaneity: Three peripheral operations during computation
Tape Transfer Rate: 31,980 characters per second
Printer speed: 900-1260 lines per minute
Card reader speed: 800 cards per minute
Card punch speed: 250 cards per minute
Programming Aids: Honeywell Easycoder, which includes an assembly program, a report generator, a sorting program, input-output routines and a tape-handling routine.


Download the brochure here.

The graphic design work is right on the money and it still looks great today. There is excellent use of white space to fill the page and naturally lead the ready toward the well written text. I am not interested in purchasing one of these beasts however the layout of the brochure makes you want to read the material. The only page that does not make me want to jump out of my chair and say, yes!, is the back cover. The framing of the five marketing shots does not respect the page as much as the rest of the document.

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