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Fred Fish Public Domain Software Collection

Published 24 December 2017


Fred Fish was a real person who had a passion for public domain software and was most famous for helping software go-viral in the age of the sneaker network. The collection of disks, amounting to over a thousand disks, represent the ultimate in public domain software for the Commodore Amiga.

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The Commodore Amiga Fred Fish Public Domain Software Collection

The dissapointing thing about the Fred Fish collection is that there really isn't a decent analysis of the collection, which disks are the most popular or the most influential. Amiga Love on (Twitter/Wayback) noted that the everybody knew of the disks but there really isn't a good way to search and view them online. We are hoping that somebody picks up this challenge and turns this valuable archive into something useable.

The complete Fred Fish disk listing is at Amiga Love (Wayback).

This page is really our stub to link to the current information on the Fred Fish disk collection of Commodore Amiga public domain software. This is our scratch pad until we get to do something more productive. Please enjoy the hunt!

Our Fred Fish site picks...

Fred Fish Memorial Archive

Fred Fish
Memorial Page
(external page)

Fred Fish disks on Internet Archive

Internet Archive
Fred Fish Search
(external page)

FTP Server Archive for Fred Fish disks

FTP Server
PD collections
(external page)

Amiga Stuff Public Domain disk index

Amiga Stuff
PD Disk Index
(external page)

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