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MegaOcio Issue 24 - Dragons Lair and LaserDisc games

Published 2 December 2017


This is a Spanish magazine published in 1991 to cover most of the microcomputers of the day. We have translated the advert for Mad Dog McCree which was a stunning video game of the day using video footage, real actors and a wild west movie studio.

Spanish 32-Bit computer magazine MegaOcio header logo

Spanish MegaOcia magazine wrath of the demon

This is a Spanish magazine published in 1991 to cover most of the high powered gaming machines of the day, namely the Amstrad CPC, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, PC, Spectrum and consoles.

Discos Laser heading

Mad Dog McCree advertising screenshots

You remember Dragon's Lair or Space Ace? These games were very impressive? Well, it seems that the American Laser Games team are willing to go in the opposite direction. They have been developing a new LaserDisc based game, with real images shot with real actors. The result has been a game like Dragon's Lair, but with flesh and blood.

The name of the game is Mad Dog McCree and is set in the Wild West, imposing the law with our colt six-shooter. The game was filmed in Eaves Movie Ranch in New Mexico, as a low-cost film, with actors, camera professionals and experts in explosives.

Mad Dog McCree advertising screenshots

Mad Dog McCree walkthough

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