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Sony SS-H311 2-way Midi HiFi loudspeaker

Published 4 November 2017


This is our photo review of the Sony model SS-H311 2-way midi-Hifi loudspeaker. This loudspeaker is similar to the thousands of other Sony loudspeakers sold in the past decade. We also link to the analysis of the in built 4" woofer that drives the sound. This popular loudspeaker is sought after in the seconds trade for its ubiquity and consumer recognition.

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Sony SS-H311 loudspeaker

Sony has a long heritage of building entry-level loudspeakers to match their midi-Hifi systems. There are some really interesting desicions underlying the design philosophy. Manufacturing cost was possibly the greatest priority then followed by playability. Many people would have seen the Sony midi-Hifi in the store and decided that the system looked capable and being Sony, would be a good quality. Turn up the volume, yes nice and loud. Turn up the bass, nice and boomy. The emotional choice has been made.

The Sony SS-H311 loudpeaker is a 2-way ported loudspeaker with 6Ω rated impedance. The power rating is not quoted. The woofer drive is a Sony 4" Woofer (Sony model 1-544-237-21) and what looks like a 1" wide range tweeter. The crossover is possibly around 1.5kHz.

Visual Description

Sony 100mm (4 inch) woofer 1-544-237-21 top view
Sony 100mm (4 inch) woofer 1-544-237-21 side top view
Sony 100mm (4 inch) woofer 1-544-237-21 rear face view
Sony 100mm (4 inch) woofer 1-544-237-21 side view

Parts description

Sony 4 inch woofer

Sony 4 inch

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