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Frog in the garden

Published 4 January 2019


Frogs go in the garden like, um, frogs in your pocket. Here is the little froggie, Johnny the Frog, we found in the garden. And now we'll give you a frog in a poem. The poem is, of course, The Chorus of the Frogs, released by Aunt Effe's Rhymes.

Green frog in the garden. The Chorus of Frogs.

The Chorus of Frogs

"Yaup, yaup, yaup!" "A rainy day
In the month of May,
And plenty of room in the bog."

"Yaup, yaup, yaup!"
Said the frog, as it hopped away:
"The insects feed
On the floating weed,
And I'm hungry for dinner today."

"Yaup, yaup, yaup!"
Said the frog as it splashed about:
"Good neighbours all
When you hear me call,
It is odd that you do not come out"

"Yaup, yaup, yaup!"
Said the frogs, "it is charming weather;:
We'll come and sup
When the moon is up,
And we'll all of us croak together."

Aunt Effe's Ryhmes

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