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Commodore C128 advertised with Royal Warrant

Published 10 June 2018


The Commodore C128 was a worthy machine delivered at the wrong time to the wrong specifications. Originally, perhaps as bluster, the C128 was advertised as being 100% compatible with the world's bestselling machine, the C64, but with enhanced graphics and sound and with the business credentials of the leading CP/M operating system at the time. Never mind that the CP/M operating system was on its last legs. What really makes this C128 advertisement interesting is the Royal Warrant being given to Commodore computers.

Commodore C128 Advertisement

Commodore C128 advertisement with Royal Warrant

The leader; The Commodore 128. When you look at the facts they do seem to weigh rather heavily in our favor . The fact balancing, if you wish to call it that, is generally more in the American style of advertisement when the head is guided to analyze the list of positives against the negatives and the winner shall be purchased. This is a juxtaposition of the UK and Australia style of advertising emphasizing the emotional fun and exhilaration of owning the latest piece of technology.

To our eyes, the Commodore C128 is a good looking piece of hardware with its QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad identifying the machine as a real computer, rather than a toy or games machine. The Commodore C128 also looks like the little brother to the wildly popular Commodore Amiga.

The UK timing of the Commodore Amiga has been discussed in our review of the 1985 Personal Computer show as show in Database Episode 1. The Commodore C128 machine held the Commodore marketing product mantle for possibly 12 months while the Commodore Amiga was ramping up production. This Commodore C128 advertisement really lacks the zeitgeist of the dawn of the computing age.

Commodore Royal Warrant

What really brought this Commodore C128 advertisement to our attention was the Royal Warrant of Appointment proudly displayed alongside the Commodore brand. As always, Wikipedia gives an excellent account as to the meaning and power of a Royal Warrant of Appointment. Needless to say, this symbol has a powerful endorsement from high powers in the United Kingdom.

Commodore C128 advertisement with Royal Warrant

Commodore received the Royal Warrant in 1984 and is reportedly the first manufacturer to receive such an endorsement for a computer business system. Take your mind back to this time and the possibility of walking around the Royal Palace. Hidden in a bespoke nook is a Commodore C64, or maybe even a Commodore C128, with the Commodore 1084 monitor resting neatly on a shelf above. One can only wonder what programs the Royal Family may have been running at the time. We can imagine the software boxes lined on the shelf. One box containing the Superbase 128 manuals and diskettes, the popular PaperClip software, and Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny.

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