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Game Review Frontier Elite 2

Published 14 May 2016


In November 1993, the hugely awaited sequel to the game Elite was released to the world. Frontier. It's HUGE! So huge in fact, that to do it justice, The One Amiga magazine had to award it the first ever six-page review as well as its highest ever ratings.

Sequels didn't come much bigger or more anticipated than Frontier: Elite 2. Was it worth the wait? Commentary at the time suggests that it definitely was. Here is the review in its full six-page glory.

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The Verdict

Truly, Frontier is a galaxy of wonders. Even after six pages of review about the game there's still so much I haven't told you about. But then, perhaps that's just as well, as half the fun of Frontier comes from venturing out into the unknown, never being quite sure of what or who you'll encounter. I have to admit to being one of the few people who wasn't totally obsessed with Elite while admiring its depth and vastness. I found it far too much like hard work to get into, and only ever progressed as far as flying away from a space station, turning around to zap it and then dog fighting with the police who came out to deal with me.

I had no such problems getting into Frontier, however, as the missions get you involved straight away, with trading relegated to something you can dabble in if you feel like it. Within half-an-hour of starting play I was completely hooked. I don't need to tell you that the graphics are stunning for the era - you can see that - but they chug badly when you' re flying around cities and big space stations.

Fortunately the game is still playable because you can leave your autopilot to take you in to places like that, and in space where the all-important dog fighting occurs the speed is fine. The only real disappointing aspects of Frontier are its sounds; the effects are a little weedy and the classic music snatches are unimpressive. And the bulletin board screens, which are a little bland and lacking in 'local color'. But I can forgive the game those faults as everything else about i t is simply phenomenal. Like Elite before it, Frontier is a game that rises above its feeble competitors like a colossus and will be talked about in awe and admiration for years to come. it's better than you could ever dreamed it'd be.

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