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Best Conspiracy demogroup 64kB demos

Published 19 January 2019


For a while back (remember the 80's) the demo scene was hot. 64k was the memory capacity of common microcomputers of the day. It was a true challenge to see how much can be crammed into the RAM and making every byte count. There aren't many demo scene groups left. However, Conspiracy still cranks out new demos every year. It can be difficult to bypass the Windows 10 virus scanners so we have linked the Youtube videos which are good but nowhere near as crisp as watching the executable. This won't stop us from declaring out top 4 favorites.

Conspiracy 64kB Demo Top 5

The Conspiracy demogroup could possibly be the top demo group in the world. It is amazing what the hacker group can put together in just 64kB. That is smaller than the code required by this page. The Conspiracy group is keeping the flame alive. In that spirit, we give you our opinion on what is ... The Conspiracy Demo Group Top 5 demos available to download right now, legally.

Conspiracy Demo Group Top 5 demos

When Silence Dims The Stars Above [2018]

This intro is our conclusion to the trilogy of cataclysmic intros Conspiracy started with One Of These Days The Sky's Gonna Break and continued with Darkness Lay Your Eyes Upon Me.

Vessel [2017]

Based on 'THAT WILL BE THE DAY', an audio/visual collaboration between composer Aldo Aréchar and motion graphics artist Matthew DiVito AKA Mr. Div, Vessel is a 64 KByte realtime short film by Conspiracy. First presented at the Revision 2017 demoparty, where it reached 2nd place.

Darkness Lay Your Eyes Upon Me [2016]

Consiracy's brooding sequel to One of these days.

Offscreen Colonies [2015]

Video recording of Offscreen Colonies, a 64 kilobyte realtime demo by Conspiracy. First presented at the Revision 2015 demoparty, where it reached 1st place. This was my first introduction to the Conspiracy demo group and I have not looked back.

Offscreen Colonies [2015]

Video recording of the final version of "Universal Sequence", A 64K demo by Conspiracy achieving first place at the Function 2016 demoparty.

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