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Welcome to PCW'85

Published 6 May 2017


The is the third and final installment of Database covering the PC World conference in 1985. We are deep in the meat of technology but with a geek's eye on programming and productivity.

Database TV Show (June 1985)

Dr Mike Thorne has been lurking for some considerable amount of time on the Oxford Computer Systems stand. These guys have put together a full implementation of the structured language Pascal on the C64 and BBC micro. Interestingly enough, some versions of Pascal require the installation of an additional processor for the BBC micro. Here is the release of, wait for it, Oxford Pascal. There are extensive extensions to implement the excellent C64 graphics and sound capabilities. There are plans for Oxford Pascal on the Atari ST, Commodore 128 and the Amstrad machine. The asking price is 30 pounds on the C64.

C64 Oxford Pascal

Database finally introduces its Visicode competition winners. And I'll let you in on a secret. The secret code is Stonehenge to you. The competition wasn't that easy. And in the words of the presenter, it's really nice to see a female in the pack. Like a cardboard cutout, the female responds that my husband made me do it.

Database Visicode winners

Now let's give Tony the last word. And the last word in technology and innovation is Japan Inc. Specifically the wonderful Seiko RC-1000. The RC-1000 is basically a quartz multi-function computer terminal that you wear on your wrist. Now let a think, what is the date that I am least likely to remember, yes, my anniversary. Great. At least the watch has an alarm to remind me when I need to appear at the divorce courts.

Seiko RC-1000 worn on the wrist

Data transfers are made with the RS-232 universal interface through to the wrist terminal. ANd what have you got when you have done that? Well it is true that the RS-1000 is a glamorous executive wrist toy. It is best for travelling sales people, apparently. There is the important alam function to remind you when you need to watch Database and apparently it can also tell the time.

And now, let's use the RC-1000 terminal to run the credits...

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