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The Rotronics Portable C64 Case

Published 19 May 2018


Here is the ideal portable work station for home, school or work. Specially made for most home microcomputers, it contains your VIC-20 or C64 within a smart executive style case with removable lid for convenience in use.

Rotronics C64 carry case

This piece of kit is ideal for many of us neat freaks who demand order but do not have the original foam wrapped in flimsy cardboard packaging that came with your original Commodore. This packaging should also keep your precious retro-equipment safe from UV destruction, moisture and accidental physical impact.

It would have taken some time to knock up a manufacturable case, however, it seems pretty straight forward to order a standard case and cut the foam up to size yourself. Sure, it won't look as professional as this case appears but it will still make for a great talking point.

The Rotronics brand is an interesting side conversation as well. From the best as we can tell Rotronics dabbled in the 8-bit microcomputing space. Running out of the United Kingdom, Rotronics sold portable cases for the Commodore C64 as well as the other leading microcomputer, the ZX Spectrum. The other interesting product that Rotronics marketed was the Wafadrive. There was a similar product using the same BSR mechanism called the Quick Data Drive (QDD) that is claimed to be 3x faster than the very slow Commodore 1541 drives.

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