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Nazi Werewolf Zombie Inferno

Published 30 March 2018


An underground bunker…. An inhuman experiment… Seven mercenaries… One night of terror… And the most terrible secret from the abomination that was Hitler’s Third Reich. It begins with the discovery of a long forgotten journal, and ends with the greatest threat to Mankind that the world has ever know. Nazi Werewolf Zombie Inferno… Pray for salvation… Or a quick death. Nazi Werewolf Zombie Inferno - The Graphic Novel 176 Fully illustrated color pages.

Review Notes

We didn't know what to expect when handed this electronic publication. Yes, it is an illustrated story but not in the way you know it. Real actors, green screen CGI and quality story telling. There are plot twists and frivolous turns. We ended up really enjoying the read and passing it around to our friends. The PDF even has the producers notes are the end of the file.

Overall, I would give this gem a solid four Angry Aliens™.

Tags: Zombies, Nazis, Fiction


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