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Commodore Amiga Multimedia Computer

Published 3 November 2018


Back in a time when the "norm" was playing with interrupt jumpers and admiring grey scale images, the AMIGA was revolutionizing the world with full multimedia capabilities; Before multimedia was even a word. This notebook collates some of the many awesome artefacts lying around the internet.

Commodore buys Amiga in 1984
Figure: Commodore buys Amiga in 1984 and
changes the course of computing history

At the heart of the Commodore Amiga lies the custom chipset to handle high performance memory management, sound and graphics. The Agnus, Denise and Paula chips collectively formed the OCS and ECS chipsets.

Amiga Journal

Commodore Amiga Manuals and Books

Commodore Amiga
Manuals & Books

BBC Database TV Show 2

Why did Commodore
hide the Amiga?

Commodore Amiga 500 Teardown

Amiga 500

Commodore Amiga Unix system, Amix

Running Linux/Unix
Workstations on Amiga

Emulating the Commodore Amiga

The following options are commonly used to emulate the Commodore Amiga:

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Amiga Format 18 January 1991

Amiga Format magazine
January 1991

880 Gamer Issue 8 Commodore Amiga Games Magazine

880 Gamer
Issue 8

Elite 2 Game Review

Amiga Games Elite 2
Game Review


Everything Amiga digital archive

Everything Amiga
90GB+ Collection

Commodore Amiga Applications Page

The Compleat Amiga
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The MOD Archive

Amiga Fred Fish Public Domain Collection

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