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EPIC for the Amiga and PC

Published 24 February 2019


This advert from 1993 really captures the spirit of the 16-bit gaming era. Billons of people are counting on you to destroy enemy warships. Solid work from OCEAN. Could there be an element of Elite in this? We look back at EPIC game for the 16-bit Amiga in a video of the gameplay so you can judge the quality for yourself.

OCEAN Epic game for the Amiga

EPIC game advertisement

OCEAN Epic space game for the Amiga

Billions of peeple are counting on you to destroy enemy warships and minefields, and to clear the way through evil enemy territory to a new solar system. But beware! Fuel and ammunition are limited. Your rutheless opponents out gun you four to one. Time is running out. And look out for that Zoom chewing gum.

Epic (Amiga) Gameplay

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