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Rockwell B1-B Lancer Airfix Model Instructions

Published 17 Mar 2018


Model building is the new retro and militaria never goes out of style. Airfix models may be the ultimate way to get to know your militaria. These instructions dating back to 1992 give both an excellent introduction to the Rockwell Lancer B1-B Bomber and instructions on how to build the Airfix aircraft model for this peice of military kit.

Rockwell B1-B Bomber

June 1970 saw the awarding of a full scale development contract to build the Rockwell B-1 bomber, envisaged as the replacement for the vetran B-52s that equipped the SAC squadrans worldwide. As the next generation aircraft, it encompassed many new technologies, resulting in the use of turbofan power plants, variable geometry wings, low radar visibility and advanced defensive and offensive avionics.

The quality of the Rockwell B1-B bomber has stood the test of time and is still used as a survivable weapons platform today. Wikipedia has an excellent introduction to this bomber, although it is weak in describing more recent service excellence in the battlefield.

Airfix Kit Overview

The Rockwell B-1B or Lancer, was one of the major releases from the Airfix stable in 1991. Unusually, this bomber had already spent five years in service after being introduced in 1986. The kit was especially known for its very size which is impressive enough for most tastes. Parts assembly is quite straighforward requiring no really unusual constructional techniques as shall now be revealed in the following review.

Airfix Assembly Instructions

Description of Rockwell B1-B Lancer Airfix Kit
Description of Rockwell B1-B Lancer Airfix Kit
Airfix Kit Rockwell B1-B Fuselage and Airframe Assembly
Fuselage and Airframe Assembly
Airfix Kit Rockwell B1-B Cruise Missile and Weapons Bay Assembly
Cruise Missile and Weapons Bay Assembly

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