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AIWA Hifi Catalog from 1976

Published 25 April 2018


The 1970s were a real turning point for modern Hi-fi equipment with the wide spread use of solid state electronics. Solid state electronics dramatically changed the sound of audio equipment, marked by more power and reliability. This catalog shows the range of AIWA Hi-fi components manufactured at the time. The music centers, in particular the AIWA AF-5080 and AIWA AF-3060 are popular at the moment.

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The models shown in this catalog include the AIWA AF-5080 Music Center, AIWA AF-3060 Tuner Amplifier, AIWA AX-7500 Stereo Receiver, AIWA AD-6500 Dolby Cassette Deck, AIWA AD-1800 Cassette Deck, AIWA AD-1300 Stereo Cassette Deck, AIWA AD-1200 Stereo Cassette Deck, DM-2000 Condenser Microphone, DM-1016 Condenser Microphone, DM-51L Dynamic Microphone and DM-503 Dynamic Microphone.

AIWA electronics catalog 1976

AIWA AF-5080 Music Center

The AIWA AF-5080 was the top of the line all-in-one music center available from AIWA in 1976. This beautiful machine boasted an integrated stereo amplifier rated as a reasonably powerful 24 watt (@ 8Ω) per channel output. Typical of this era, the Music Center included a record turntable player, compact cassette deck with Dolby noise reduction, and stereo radio tuner.

AIWA AF-5080 EE Music Center

AIWA AF-3060 Music Center

The AIWA AF-3060 is the little brother to the full-sized AIWA AF-5080 at the time. This entry level music center boasted the same 24 watt (@ 8Ω) per channel integrated amplifier in a more compact unit. The profile of the AIWA AF-3060 unit makes it suitable for pairing with a set of quality bookshelf speakers into a built-in shelving system that was coming in the 1970s. This unit boasts an integrated compact cassette with Dolby noise reduction and a quality stereo radio tuner.

AIWA AF-3060 EE Tuner-Amplifier

AIWA AX-7500 Amplifier Receiver

This was one of AIWA's most powerful amplifiers in 1976, producing an inspiring 110W musical power, rated at a more meaningfully quoted 30 watts (@ 8Ω) per channel. Although the MW radio receiver may not be that useful these days, it is the external inputs for an external turntable, tape input and auxiliary source that will be of most use to the modern collector. This amplifier unit will look impressively placed in a Danish-style teak shelving system.

AIWA AF-3060 EE Tuner-Amplifier

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