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Are you keeping up with the Commodore?

Published 8 September 2018


Are you keeping up with the Commodore, 'cause the Commodore is keeping up with you. A catchy jingle in Commodore advertisements back in the day. I like these ads as they capture the spirit of getting into computers and doing things. Apart from games, there wasn't a whole lot more they could do. So sit back and enjoy the ride 'cause the Commodore is keeping up with you.

Four Atari computers has the same capacity as one Commodore C64 [1982]

Typical of US commercials, Commodore is promoting the C64 as a much cheaper alternative to the Atari computure. This advert is no where near as fun and catchy as some of the overseas adverts shown below. There is one important thing to remember about this era and that is that memory was very expensive. The competitive entry price is about the only think that makes this advert memorable. US television must have been very boring in those days.

Commodore C64 Family Pack [1983]

This commercial is a bucket of fun and rather upbeat. Something that cannot be said about Commodore US's advertisements from the same period. This ad has bikini clad twins sliding down a slipery-dip, the typical Commodore great value proposition and a clear price expectation. Given Commodore's aggressive pricing of their products it can stated with near certainty that AU$499 would have been a price you could not walk away from.

The ever enjoyable keeping up with Commodore [1983]

This advertisement hits its target audience square in the eye; Parents. Launching with business and employement, then a teenage is busy programming in his bedroom, then a demonstration in the classroom, then back to business. Stunning writing from the ad-men.

Commodore SX-64 [1984]

Between the footage of middle aged men and twenty-somethings in bikinis there are glimpses of the Commodore SX-64 in action. The form factor of this model is excellent for its day. Apart from the price the only real let down was the weight of the machine. This machines defines the term luggable.

John Laws continues to flog the C64 [1987]

The C64 was getting on in years by 1987 and the advertisements needed to stay on target. Eureka, let's roll out John Laws, with his deep authoritative voice, and reassure everybody that the C64 is the best. If you want an TV advert that summarizes the C64 the best then this is the commercial slot to watch. John Laws claims that "over 7 million units have been sold worldwide."

Commodore 64 Family Pack [1987]

The Commodore C64 has been around for long enough now to have annual packs. This years packs included a number of good franchise brands including an America's Cup simulation. While these games reviewed well, they didn't have the Zzap Sizzle factor to them. The advert still appealed to people who hadn't joined the microcomputer revolution by then.

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