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1950's Plycraft Furniture designed by Norman Cherner

Published 2 June 2018


The 50's was a great time for modern design furniture and reflects the launch of new materials and industrial techniques developed for manufacturing. I have collected a couple of plans for retro-modern furniture that is easy to build at home. Skim the side table construction plans and flash back to a time when do it yourself did not come in an Ikea flatpack. This is mid-century furniture design.

Instructions for a bedside table

This is one of a series of PlyCraft furniture designs by Norman Cherner, New York City. You can build any of these units with the convenient small sizes of plywood called Handy Panels. They also are designed to cut without waste from standard-size plywood panels. Create your own mid-century furniture as either a bedside table or a side table in your living area. Nobody will realize that this is a plycraft classic.

Plans for a bed side table

Plycraft and Norman Cherner

There isn't a lot of information regarding Plycraft and Norman Cherner on the Internet. There are claims (wayback) that Plycraft's founder, Paul Goldman, was called the father of plywood technology and there was a working relationship between Plycraft and Normal Cherner. The name Cherner is used to market mid-century style curved plywood furniture including the Cherner Chair. All this discussion of mid-century furniture should get the creative juices flowing.

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