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The Commodore brand has passed through many hands and the tooling had probably been lost over the years. We have been tracking the state of replica, or more specifically replacement, hardware to keep our 30-40 year old beauties alive. Some of these replica systems look amazing. Retro mods are all the rage at the moment and there is nothing like holding an all in one computer.

Amiga 3000 inspired Desktop

Published 1 September 2018

An Amiga 3000 inspired computer case is now available for funding on Kickstarter (wayback). The Checkmate A1500 plus is described as inspired by the Commodore desktops of old. A homage to the beauty and power of the Amiga 3000. The modular design allows for different front and rear configurations to suit either the original Amiga internals or AmiKit emulation with a Linux backend.

Amiga A300 replica desktop case on Kickstarter
Photo: Artist impression of the Checkmate A1500 (kickstarter)

A homage to the beauty and power of the Amiga 3000.

Replica keyboards now for sale - Reliving our youth

Published 25 January 2016

We loved our C64s and many hundreds of thousands experienced the joy of a computer in a keyboard, flaky power supplies and loading programs from tape. The Commodore brand has passed through many hands and now we see My Retro Computer has started building replica keyboards. They look amazing. Now I just have to find some spare hours, say between 3 and 4 a.m. to build a mod. Maximum PC has a great article on how to get one started.

Has anything actually happened?

Published 4 March 2017

We have been keeping an eye out in the retro forums for any user's views on using these replica keyboards but there hasn't been any noise for a while. We haven't seen any images or blog posts on maker forums either. Things have gone very quiet from my perspective. The author has attemped to contact the company using the supplied email address ( and received the following error message from my email system:

email address is undeliverable

The state of the hackers market

Published 28 July 2018

To the best as we can tell, the site hasn't changed in a very long time. You can look at the timeline of changes on wayback from Sep-2014 to Jul-2018. Anything longer than a year is classed as ancient in Internet terms. In the meantime many projects have come and gone, such as this 2016 project to build replica Amiga 1200 cases (wayback) and a non-destructive Commodore C64 conversion frame for the Raspberry Pi. This is a disappointment to us here as we were excited for such a product coming onto the market.

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