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Sea Trials for HMS Hercules (1893)


HMS Hercules was a century-battery ironclad of the Royal Navy, laid down in 1866 and had a very long run until broken up in 1932. This article reports on the sorry state of sea trials in 1893 when vibration of the powered propeller created excessive vibration.

Engineer & Inventor Magazine
An illustrated monthly journal
April 1893

Report on Steam trials of HMS Hercules

Painting of HMS Hercules in 1869

The British warship HMS Hercules has completed her steam trials off Portsmouth, England. Ever since this ship was re-engined with modern machinery she has given trouble. This trouble has arisen principally through the excessive noise and vibration produced by the propellers at all rates of speed; subsequently two blades were removed, and the remainder reduced in diameter. The clearance thus served to reduce the disturbance, but not entirely, and it was afterward experimentally decided to push the propeller about eight inches further to the rear, and to give the blades an outward twist, so as to throw the wash away from the ship's counter. The results obtained were so satisfactory that a fourbladed propeller of similar contour will be fitted.


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