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AIWA Hifi Catalog from 1976

Published 25 April 2018


The 1970s were a real turning point for modern Hi-fi equipment with the wide spread use of solid state electronics. Solid state electronics dramatically changed the sound of audio equipment, marked by more power and reliability. This catalog shows the range of AIWA Hi-fi components manufactured at the time. Collectors are looking DM-51 dynamic microphones, and the pencil-style CM-1016 to add to their collections.

AIWA Microphones

In the 1970s, it was common to connect microphones to the central Hi-Fi console to record family conversations, dictate notes and record singalong contests. There were broadly two types of microphone types for sale, condenser and dynamic microphones. CM-2000 and CM-1016 microphones are condenser microphones, although the AIWA CM-2000 stereo microphone is not commonly available. The AIWA DM-51 and DM-503 microphones were more suitable for general purpose recordings.

AIWA AF-5080 EE Music Center

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AIWA Hifi Catalog 1976

Catalog 1976

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