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AIWA Hifi Catalog from 1976

Published 6 June 2018


The 1970s were a real turning point for modern Hi-fi equipment with the wide spread use of solid state electronics. Solid state electronics dramatically changed the sound of audio equipment, marked by more power and reliability. There tends to be a good collector base for top loading cassette decks to sit next to retro turntables. These cassette decks represent the mid-tier performance of the range.

AIWA Cassette Decks

It is getting more challenging for the collector to build thier range of quality cassette decks, especially of the top loading format. The smoked lids can be cracked or scracthed through use and lower the overall desirability of an item. Many people appreciate the VU Metres and sliding guides that are not generally available in 1980s equipment. The catalog pages here give specifications for the AIWA AD-1800, AD-1600, AD-1300 and AD-1200 models. It should be noted that all of these systems have the initial Dolby Noise Reduction systems, except for the entry level AD-1200 that has a proprietary DNL noise reduction format. The DNL format is described as a singled ended hiss reduction system.

AIWA AD-1800 EE Portable Dolby Cassette Deck AIWA AD-1300 and AD-1200 Cassette Decks

AIWA 1976 Catalog Index

AIWA Hifi Catalog 1976

Catalog 1976

Cassette Deck

AIWA Hifi Catalog 1976, Microphone section

Condensor & dynamic

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