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I love things, lots of things. Computers, reading and audio in particular. We have a small but dedicated readership that just goes with the flow. My goal is to bring amateur polymaths of all walks of life a light refresher on the miscellaneous. The original home of Miscellaneum. Feel free to browse through the articles. You'll never know what you will find.

What's happening this September

I share my thoughts on the very playable Commodore 64 Live Ammo ganes bundle. I've started the Unofficial Lovecraft Studies Compendium. My Bubbble Bobble t-shirt has finally arrived, and I have an opion worth sharing. I'm building a list of commercial software for the Atari ST to make music and play MIDI files. My final update for the AIWA 1976 catalog is the AIWA DM-503 dynamic microphone. We all wear clothes, why not advertise with the Commodore Amiga t-shirt. I dive into what makes digital analog hybrid computers so special. If you have a Commodore Amiga then you will want to check out Fred Fish disk 250 and disk 251 for public domain software. Vintage microphones are hot collectable items and useable for everyday Zoom conference calls, including this beautiful AIWA CM-1016 condenser microphone. It is time to take a another look at the 1976 AIWA HiFi catalog; those cassette decks look mighty collectible. Take a look at the third edition reference documents for the Amiga reference library. I give my reasons to build your own loudspeaker. Enjoy!


Classic Commodore C64 TV Advertisements

8 best C64
TV adverts

Commodore 64 Live Ammo games bundle

Live Ammo
C64 games bundle

Hitachi 505 analogue computer

Hitachi 505
analogue computer

Amiga Fred Fish Disk 250

Amiga Fred Fish
Disk 250

/r/ Random

The Unofficial Lovecraft Studies Compendium

Unofficial Lovecraft
Studies Compendium

Bubble Bobble T-Shirt

Bubble Bobble
retro t-shirt

Commodore Amiga 500 tshirt

Commodore Amiga 500
cotton t-shirt

Little Golden Books I am Captain Kirk

I am Captain Kirk
book review

Hifi and Audio

List of commercial Atari ST software

Atari ST
music software

AIWA DM-503 dynamic Microphone

dynamic microphone

Sony MHC-V90DW MUTEKI Karaoke Party Speaker

Look at Sony's
tower of Karaoke

AIWA DM-51 dynamic Microphone

dynamic microphone


Commodore C64 Scratch Pad

Commodore C64

Commodore C65 Journal

Commodore C65

Commodore Amiga Multimedia Computer

Commodore Amiga

AIWA Hifi Catalog 1976

Catalog 1976